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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Fasela Haa


Deniz has everything a woman can ask for, she has a wealthy life and lives happily with her two lovely children and a handsome husband. She has been raised without seeing any hardship. Therefore, she is well-intentioned all the time and trusts all the people around her.

Deniz’s life turns upside down when her husband Alihan disappears with no trace. She worries about the life of her husband without knowing that her husband has left them behind and has run away with his lover Sebnem to start a new life. She also does not know that her cousin Hulya is the one who arranged this forbidden love.

In this story, you will explore the story about a young woman who tries to adjust a new life after her husband’s disappearance. Will Deniz and her children get used to living in a small house in a new neighborhood? Will Deniz manage to stand on her own legs?

Tune in to TOLO TV to learn more about Deniz's life.