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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Love in the Air

11 July 2013 | When a true love fades in sky!

TOLO TV is proud to announce the launch of Love in the Air. The worldwide successful Turkish Drama telling the story of two beautiful sisters bounded by blood, divided by love. Love in the Air will be broadcast from Saturday to Thursday and will launch on Thursday, August 10th at 6:30pm exclusively on TOLO TV!


White Lie

11 July 2013 | Your next emotional Drama

One of the most followed Korean Drama ever finally arrived on TOLO TV. Don’t miss the first episode on 11th of August at 5:30pm! To learn more about the show and see exclusive pictures and videos click here



11 July 2013 | Team up and win big!

3 contestants 1 presenter, 60 minutes to team up and answer the questions asked by the presenter. Not an easy task when the 3 partners have to agree on all answers. Divided, the highly addictive game show is launching on June 8th on TOLO TV at 7:30pm.

Minute to win it

11 July 2013 | 60 seconds to make it!

1 challenge 60 seconds are you ready for this? If you got what it takes tune in and don’t miss the premiere of Minute to Win it on Friday, June 7th on TOLO TV! Don’t try to look somewhere else, you won’t find any entertainment that’s makes you laughing so much and that involve you that quick.