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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Walking Dead

19 April 2018 | 1st Season Ended

The Walking Dead is an American horror television drama series. The series stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, a police officer who gets shot in the line of duty and awakens from a coma to find the world dominated by the literal walking dead (Walkers). He sets out to find his family and encounters some other survivors along the way.


29 March 2018 | Sat to Thu at 5:00pm

The famous Indian romance drama "Meena" will premiere on TOLO TV soon.

Ranveer Vaghela, the son of a driver, falls immensely in love with Ishaani Parekh, who is the daughter of a rich businessman and employer of Ranveer and his family.

Will this love stand any chance to succeed?


21 February 2018 | Sat to Wed at 9:00pm

"Watanam" is a Turkish television drama on Turkish War of Independence that will start broadcast soon on TOLO TV.

Fight Night Afghanistan

18 January 2018 | Fight Night 04 - Coming Soon

Moby Group in association with Snow Leopard Fighting Championship (SLFC) are going to hold the first MMA Fight Night at 9:00 pm Kabul time on 26th January 2018. The purpose of holding these fights are to introduce the best mixed-martial-arts fighters in Afghanistan.