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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ramadan Shows


The Ramadan Show - Iftaari | Saturday to Friday at 06:30pm on TOLO TV
“Iftaari” is a Ramadan Show having conversations and discussions with special guests on how Ramadan effects and influences individuals social and personal lives.  The show will embrace Short Ramadan related video clips and special documentary segments of the people who converted to Islam – naaths, culture and traditions of other Islamic countries. The Adhan and Prayer will also be included during the show.

The Ramadan Show – Tartil |Saturday to Friday at 05:30pm on TOLO TV
In the Ramadan Show “Tartil”, Quran readers from all over the country are invited to compete against each other in order to find the best reader. Each candidate will be judged based on their reading ability, voice and reading techniques. The top 30 contestant split in 5 teams and will participate to the show. The teams will compete among each other’s to get the highest scores from the judges to save themselves from being eliminated. In the final round the candidate of the winning team will battle together in order to reach the first position and get a prize and a certificate

Sahari | Saturday to Friday at 02:00am on TOLO TV
The Ramadan Show “Sahari” is an Islamic talk show that speaks about faith and Islamic Knowledge