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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Bahar is a young and naive girl who has a modest life in Istanbul. Because of financial difficuties, she quits school and starts to work in a cake shop in order to help her family. Bahar is a thoughtful, optimist and hardworking girl whereas her sister Efsun is quite the opposite.

Even though Bahar has been raised in this family, she is not the real daughter of that house. In reality, Bahar is the daughter of a very rich businessman.

Years ago, Bahar's real grandfather does not want his daughter to get married to Mehmer Emir (Bahar's real father) and hides the truth of Bahar's mother being pregnant from him. While giving birth to Bahar, her mother dies and the servant family of the house raises Bahar.  

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Saturday to Thursday
8:00 pm