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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Hai Maidan Tai Maidan

TOLO is pleased to announce the return of Hai Maidan Tai Maidan in its highly-awaited 6th season. 

This year audiences will join Mujeeb Arez, Afghanistan's much acclaimed TV host, and Hifza Jailani, the renowned Pakistani social activist and TV personality, as they explore new cuisines, cultures, and places in their respective countries. 

Even though they share a border, as well as many traditions and even dialects, the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan remain largely unaware of each other's outlooks and lifestyles. Mujeeb and Hifza are here to change that by celebrating differences and commonalities. 

As they journey through one another's homelands, we watch as they also learn more about their own countries and share those discoveries with audiences at home.


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