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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

EID Specials

25.7.14 | on TOLO TV

Once more, TOLO TV presents this year special EID shows including EID Amada, Helal EID Concerts and ZEER CHATRE EID.
Stay tuned and watch our Special EID shows on 29th, 30th and 31st of July on TOLO TV!

Ice Adonis

21.7.14 | on TOLO TV soon

The Korean drama “Ice Adonis” will start on 31st July 2014 on TOLO TV.

Ramadan Shows

6.7.14 | on TOLO TV

Iftaari | Saturday to Friday at 06:30pm on TOLO TV
Tartil |Saturday to Friday at 05:30pm on TOLO TV
Sahari | Saturday to Friday at 02:00am on TOLO TV

Hai Maidan Tai Maidan

26.6.14 | New Season starting soon!

Season 4 of Hai Maidan Tai Maidan (On the Road) premiers July 3 on TOLO TV and will introduce the people, attractions and culture of 2 countries: Afghanistan and Pakistan.